Good afternoon, BUNKSPEEDers!

We hope you are enjoying smooth sailing into the holiday season, what with 2015 on the horizon and all.

It's during times like this that we give thanks for our most precious gift: YOU! Without our stellar BUNKSPEED users, we would be but a whisper in the wind.

Many thanks to you and everyone out there that is pushing the boundaries of what 3D Visualization is capable of, and exploring new digital frontiers! We salute you, and are enjoying the incredibly exciting journey that awaits: defining, creating and deploying the next level of high-end visual content.

Speaking of high-end visual content...Herman Delos Santos recently sent us his Behance portfolio, and if you haven't seen it from our recent FB post, you've gotta check it out:

Herman melds simplicity and curves in ways that make our rendering jaws drop. Check it out, and see if it doesn't give you a few inspirational goosepimples.