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Thread: Render Passes

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    Render Passes

    Hi,what do i have to do, to create the render passes in pro? I can check every mark, but every render pass looks like
    if i had selected None.


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    is the "render in background" box checked? That's the only thing i can think of that would prevent you from getting all the passes. Also, which version are you on for good measure?
    David Randle / General Manager / Bunkspeed

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    I've had similar results. It wasn't very important to me, so it slipped my mind. I Was able to get results, but inconsistently. A file would work once, but not again, and other wouldn't work at all. The only passes I want, I have to create manually anyway though, like rendering your object with the shadow reflecting into the object, but without a shadow, or Just the shadow, and of course, object selection (clown pass).

    Will you guys be hiding the passes you know don't work? That would probably help some of the confusion for sure.

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    I did some testing with no result.Render in Background is checked, otherwise the Render Passes are greyed out.
    Regardless which pass and how many i checked,only one and the normal image comes out.It is my filename written and not the render pass name.
    I tried with show in viewport,without,queue,cpu,gpu,hybrid.
    All the same with one exception,which i canīt retry:in one test with Gloss + Incandescence selected, two files renders.One again as normal
    image and the other as GroundShadow-Pass and correctly named as GroundShadow!
    Version Pro Suite 2012.4.5.503

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