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Thread: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Quick render test with Pro 2014 RC

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    Red face The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Quick render test with Pro 2014 RC

    Because this team of triple renderer reminds me the famous movie!


    To compare, I've quickly tested each on a same scene. Not in a crazy machine, just my old radiator called "GTX 480". Just small PS after to enhance the images. Initial size was 1600x900 for all

    But for each renderer, I was oblige to change the settings (illumination, camera), because they work very differently.
    About this, my best advice to render without surprise would be to work with just one of the three, at the beginning to the end. For example, if you need a fast render, then select Fast and manage the parameters around this type of renderer. Because if you render finally with Preview or Accurate, it will be very different!

    Anyway, the 3 "cowboys" are here:

    Decalé 2014 1sr.jpg
    The Ugly (Preview) is the fastest, with, how to explain? 1 second of rendering (can we still call it a "render time"? ahaha!). But even with all efforts, it will never be a finest photorealistic renderer! Lol. But a very good help to generate 500 pictures in a time of coffee break
    (PS: No, the lamp isn't exploding ahaha!)

    Decalé 2014 1min53.jpg
    The Bad (Fast) is bad because still unstable! Lol. But with a very very strong potential, because very close to the Good/Accurate. Render time? 1min53s... For sure lights and shadows betray a rendering biased. But the atmosphere is here! Just a stuff, for architecture, 100 passes are not enough...

    Decalé 2014 16min58r.jpg
    The Good (Accurate) is the finest, even it's not to his highest potential here. Render time: 16min58s (1000 passes). But you know him well! Just a bad thing: the curtain loose his transparency... why? Materials have change since 2014. But the quality is still here!
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    Hi Aselert - thank you for posting these images of our 3 viewport settings. Although the new fast mode isn't optimized for interiors, it can give the user a good idea of pre-viz quite fast. Fast mode is great for hard-bodies exteriors, like most products, vehicle exteriors and architectural exteriors. When it comes to aerospace ans architectural interiors, Accurate is the way to go.

    Great for our users to see the three modes of the same scene/camera. Any other users out there please post the same for your models! This will help give our community a good overview of each industry and how their models look in our three modes. THANKS!
    Brian Hillner / Manager Business Development, Design & Consulting / Bunkspeed

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    Here is a jewelry model, with snapshots taken in Preview, Fast & Accurate. Not too sure why they uploaded here as different sizes, they were all 1280x720.



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    Brian Hillner / Manager Business Development, Design & Consulting / Bunkspeed

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