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Thread: Quadro 6000 vs Geforce TITAN

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    Quadro 6000 vs Geforce TITAN

    Hey guys

    Im looking foward to add a new GPU, but i dont really now which one suits better my PC set up.
    Considering my current budget, the two GPUs i have in mind are the Quadro 6000 and the Geforce TITAN.

    My pc is set this way
    Intel I7 2600k
    Asus P8Z68 deluxe
    8gb RAM (thinking to go to 16 or 32 also).
    PNY Quadro 600

    Basically, I want to keep my Quadro 600, so I can use both GPUs, the big new one for rendering, and the other one to keep working without trouble.

    What do you think is more suitable for my case?

    Thanks a lot anyway!
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